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Stir-frying is another quick technique for cooking beef. Specifically, thin strips that are cooked during a hot skillet or wok employing a bit of oil. the good thing about stir-frying is that each one the ingredients within the dish, including vegetables, like onions and bell peppers, are cooked together within the same pan.

Beef sirloin may be a great choice for stir-frying. Sirloin isn’t quite tender enough to form an honest steak, but slicing it thinly breaks up the animal tissue in order that it doesn’t taste sort of a mouthful of rubber bands. Just confirm to slice it against the grain.

This technique brings us back to the grill, but unlike grilling, barbecuing uses low temperatures and wood smoke to cook cuts of beef slowly, over a period of eight hours or more. Like braising, the slow, low temperatures break down the connective tissues in tough cuts of beef. But unlike braising, barbecuing uses dry heat instead of moist.

Because it uses smoke, barbecuing works best on a charcoal grill, where chunks of hardwood, like hickory, mesquite, apple, maple, or cherry, are often added to the charcoal. With a gas grill, this is often possible, but you would like a separate basket and it doesn’t work quite an equivalent .

The best beef cuts for barbecue include brisket, ribs, and a number of other cuts from the chuck primal. Even roast , eye of round, and tri-tip roasts are often cooked with smoke.
Combo (Skillet/Oven)

Whether you begin it within the skillet and finish within the oven, or the opposite way around, the skillet/oven technique is great for cooking steaks, particularly when they’re cut a minimum of 1 1/2 inches thick. Ribeyes and steaks from the short-loin primal, like strip steaks, T-bones, and porterhouse, are excellent choices for this method.

We use a combo technique because we would like a dark-brown, flavorful crust on the surface of our steaks, which is achieved with heat . But cooking the steak entirely at a heat can overcook it, making it tough and dry. A medium oven is best, because it ensures the middle may be a perfect medium-rare, while a fast high-temp sear during a skillet, either before or after, gives you that all-important crust.

Last, but not least, the skillet may be a good way to cook hamburger to be used in other recipes, like pasta sauce , chili, tacos, or enchiladas. generally it is best to feature your hamburger to a chilly skillet then heat it slowly, as adding it to a hot skillet will cause the meat to stay and possibly burn.

Avoid overcrowding the pan, and be prepared to empty off an honest amount of the fat that cooks off. Just don’t pour it down the drain! Pour it into a can or jar then when it hardens, scrape it into the trash.

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